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Tinkers Boo

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Apr 20 (Aries)
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Been online since of 1992. Been Artist since I was an little girl, I am almost 50 years old now anything else you can read below or ask.
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Graphic Designer, Crotch blankets, need work plastic, sketch drawings, doodle draw, oil paint, read books, go to church, play putt-putt golf, swimming, NASCAR, baseball, travel with my husband truck driver, etc
Flower lady aka Laura start an rumor about me that I stole artwork about an year ago. It's a lie my handle was TxKitty0520. I change my name and sites to better suit copyright Laws & Regulations. She gave false information out. I am in full copyright & register to be able to share the designs I create or my Cu or Cu4Cu artist given permission from their sites with full copyright awareness. Item's made from their sites, my head, or pay stores with full copyright to use and create the designs. I am will skill in HTML/CSS, Scrap Booking, Posers, Tuts, Been web designing since 1992 til now. Not Hiding from anyone. Rumors are lies. Restart from scratch up with my copyright on all products that are share on my yuku or blog sites. If you wish to listen to the foolish rumor of the jealous bullies online then no more of a fool then the one that spread the lies.
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Christian, 80's, and Country
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Pretty Little Liars NCIS Reba
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Legand of Falls Pretty Woman Officer & Gentleman Lucky One
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Don't judge a book by its cover open it up an see what is inside of it before you taken a fool words. Do your homework before you lie about someone.. Have an problem with me talk to be instead of behind my back. Respect me as I respect you.
Restarunat Business at Cook/Cashier

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